Webcomic of the Week: Alien Loves Predator

May 4, 2010

Technically I’m about three days late with this post, maybe later by the time I finally finish writing it, but we still want to bring to the table something that you need to read. This week I present you with Alien Loves Predator. In sort of a Buddy cop/ Kenan and Kel scenario where we have two action figure looking movie icons living together. It’s great.

Abe is an Alien from… well, the Alien films while Preston is a Predator from… the Predator film series. It’s pretty apparent that the whole Alien vs. Predator thing inspired the author, Bennie Hou, to make a ¬†parody webcomic and personally, I like this comic way more then the films it’s loosely based off of. Abe is a classic horndog and he’s opposite Preston who’s the overly sensitive literary, stuck up collegic type. The two for make for such a great combo though. I don’t read this one daily like I do others, but I give it a glance every week or two for good measure.

Abe is great though. I love that ugly bastard. Anyways, enjoy. Currently, the due is being sent back ¬†in time to assassinate the president Will Smith. I’m totally down for that. Here’s a comic of Abe speed dating. It isn’t going to well. I feel ya, buddy, I really do.

Alien Loves Predator: #327: Speed Dating 18

– Wayne!

Webcomic of the Week: Questionable Content

April 24, 2010

One thing me and Wayne really want to start doing is posting our favorite web comic from each week. Collectively, we both read 10-15 web comics pretty regularly, so we want to show you guys some of the great web comics out there that really make us laugh. First up is Friday’s issue of Questionable Content.

QC was the first web comic I got really into, and is one of the few that I have read in its entirety and continue to read daily. What started off as a comic about indie rock and robots has turned into an online dramedy, in the vain of the O.C. These characters really grow on you, and I remember that moment of loss when I had finally caught up on the series and realized I would have to start waiting 24 hours between comics. Wayne and I had the chance to meet creator Jeph Jacques at Connecticon last year, he even drew us some sketches of Hannelore.
Friday’s issue marked the return of everyone’s favorite asshole, Sven.
QC is notorious for abandoning favorite characters for hundreds of issues at a time, so the return of Sven was pretty badass. Even without really knowing the characters, everyone can appreciate the grade A cool that Sven shows when he blows this girl off.

Questionable Content – Number 1650: Please, I’m Trying to Eat