Webcomic of the Week: Alien Loves Predator

May 4, 2010

Technically I’m about three days late with this post, maybe later by the time I finally finish writing it, but we still want to bring to the table something that you need to read. This week I present you with Alien Loves Predator. In sort of a Buddy cop/ Kenan and Kel scenario where we have two action figure looking movie icons living together. It’s great.

Abe is an Alien from… well, the Alien films while Preston is a Predator from… the Predator film series. It’s pretty apparent that the whole Alien vs. Predator thing inspired the author, Bennie Hou, to make a  parody webcomic and personally, I like this comic way more then the films it’s loosely based off of. Abe is a classic horndog and he’s opposite Preston who’s the overly sensitive literary, stuck up collegic type. The two for make for such a great combo though. I don’t read this one daily like I do others, but I give it a glance every week or two for good measure.

Abe is great though. I love that ugly bastard. Anyways, enjoy. Currently, the due is being sent back  in time to assassinate the president Will Smith. I’m totally down for that. Here’s a comic of Abe speed dating. It isn’t going to well. I feel ya, buddy, I really do.

Alien Loves Predator: #327: Speed Dating 18

– Wayne!

Song of the Day- 5/4

May 4, 2010

The Paper Raincoat– Rough Cut

I just found this band like 10 minutes ago. So far so good. Paste is giving away one free download a week from their new album. “Rough Cut” sounds an awful lot like a Frou Frou song, so that may be why I like it so much. It’s a beautiful day so enjoy some beautiful music!


Stream and download The Paper Raincoat from Paste

Song of the Day – 5/3

May 3, 2010

The Shins – A Call to Apathy (Gone for Good)

The Shins are an important band to me, man. I could really get into it. I could talk about how Girl on the Wing reminds me of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets since I had it on repeat the whole time I read the book, or I could talk about how Saint Simon reminds me of playing Runescape for 8 hours straight (I later played WoW which has soured that memory somewhat), but if I want to be honest The Shins were a just huge part of my life during highschool. I listened to them all the time. I associate so many of their songs with so many random memories, some good, some bad. I sometimes wish I could go back and listen to it all again, as if they were brand new to me, but I can’t. Cause that’s how life works and stuff.

Oh well. All I’m saying is that the other day I was talking to someone about The Broken Bells and they told me that The Broken Bells (the lead singer of The Shins side project which involves some dude from that band that wrote that Crazy song) were way better then The Shins have ever been. I would like to formally say that I disagree. I may have shit on The Shins a lot recently for their horribly nonsensical lyrics, but I’ve been taking this shit way too fucking seriously, man. It’s all just wordplay, clever wordplay.

Anyways, I’m done with all this ridiculous preachiness. Enjoy A Call to Apathy, the title has been a motto of mine for a good five years now.

– Wayne!

Profiles in Awesome: Theophilus Carter

May 3, 2010

Alice in Wonderland has been pretty frickin popular the last couple of months, which I think is more of a testament to the 3D experience and less about the movie itself. Tim Burton made a movie with over saturated colors, a Danny Elfman score, moody undertones, starring Jonny Depp– that shit was crazy original! I’m happy Burton could stray so far from his directing norm! Sarcastic exclamation points!!!

Aside from my annoyance with the recent film adaptation, I really love Alice in Wonderland. I read the book in sophomore year, and me and Wayne had a brief obsession with how cool Lewis Carol was. The book is loaded with satire and most of the characters are based on exaggerations of real people, the most awesome of these being the Mad Hatter. The tea swigging lunatic is based on Theophilus Carter, an inventor and top hat enthusiast who lived in Oxford around the same time Carol did.

Theophilus Carter was a furniture salesman/crazy person, so he decided to combine the two into one totally awesome invention. He invented an alarm clock bed that tossed you out of bed in the morning and into a bath full of cold water. Yup, awesome. That is clearly the worst idea anyone has ever had. I can’t fathom why anyone would ever want to wake up like that, but Theophilus thought it would be a big hit. He was so confident that he brought his invention to the Great Exhibition of 1851. Needless to say, people weren’t stoked about waking up to a bath full of ice water every morning.

Theophilus became pretty famous around town, mostly because he stood outside his furniture shop screaming at people. He was pretty easy to spot, since he always wore a giant top hat on the back of his head. Carol brought his illustrator, Sir John Tenniel, to Oxford to get a good look at Carter so he could draw him for Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The term “mad as a hatter” was pretty popular back then because most hat makers got mercury poison and went insane, but Theophilus was just good old fashion crazy. Crazy awesome. I’m not sure how we would feel knowing that one day Jonny Depp would be running around in makeup and a wig pretending to be like him. All I can say is hats off to Theophilus for being great, and Lewis Carol for immortalizing his madness.
Clean cup, clean cup. Move down.


Belated Song of the Day- 5/1

May 2, 2010

Silversun Pickups– Substitution

Hey dudes, I know I’m breaking Uncle Vernon’s rule of “no post on Sunday,” but I had no time yesterday to give you song of the day. “Substitution” is the song I always use to try and convince myself I might like Silversun Pickups. In actuality, this band is pretty mediocre, but from time to time they give you something catchy. The video definitely helps, it features the sexiest game of musical chairs every played.

Song of the Day – 4/30

April 30, 2010

Sea Wolf – Black Leaf Falls

Oh hi, didn’t see you there! So yeah, I’m going to see this band tonight. They’re playing with (or opening for) The Album Leaf. It’s totally convenient since I like both bands. So yep, I don’t have a ton to say. Sea Wolf was a side project of some band and then it became this dude’s actual band. The Album Leaf was totally on The OC at one point. I found both of these bands through other means. Music and stuff, yeah.

– Wayne!

Song of the Day- 4/29

April 29, 2010

Something Corporate– Watch the Sky

Remember when piano rock was really popular? Well I do, and I have Something Corporate to thank for it. They were the first band that I ever saw in concert that wasn’t with my parents. The 8th grade version of me was into some pretty shitty music, but Something Corporate was my gateway drug into the hard stuff. I never would have listened to Ben Folds or Keane if it wasn’t for those dudes. Unfortunately, the band broke up and lead singer Andrew McMahon made Jack’s Mannequin. Now sad girls everywhere are enjoying a piece of my adolescence. Fail.