We’re Back!

May 17, 2010

So after a week long vacation from everything sort of thing the two of us are back – with a vengeance. Which means, we want to kill you. Well not really. We don’t want to kill you. Hugs are actually being dished out as we speak. Perhaps you’ll get one if you’re good enough, maybe.

So yeah, I really needed that time off from life. Feels pretty good. I’ve got a lot of great Song of the Days and a few articles planned this week. I will write them. We can also have an open discussion about how attractive I am. Also, at some point I’ll be changing somethings around on this here blog so look out for that.

– Wayne!

Song of the Day and Stuff

April 29, 2010

Just as a quick update, I took a bit of time and created an archive section for our ‘Song of the Day’ category. I figured that it would be easier to navigate this way. I also included some information under that tab that helps you better understand Song of the Day and what it’s all about.

Click here or the Song of the Day tab to take a look.

Also as a side note, if you’ve clicked our About section you’ve probably noticed that it sucks and tells you absolutely nothing about either of us. I’ll be updating that at some point in the near future as well.

In the meantime, here’s an awkward picture of a Mareep just because I can.


– Wayne!

Say What?!?!?

April 14, 2010

Yo. How pumped are you right now? You should be pretty pumped. I’m going to give you some quick bullet points as to why you should be pumped:

  • Me and Wayne are finally making a blog.
  • You no longer have to lay awake longingly at night wondering what gems me and Wayne are thinking about that you are not a part of.
  • You now have a one stop shop for good music recommendations and semi whiny rants about movies and whatnot.
  • We might post some semi- nude portraits???

Ya dog, that’s a lot for you to take in. Take a minute, let this monsoon of awesome settle in.

-Ryan :D

Gibles and Stuff

April 14, 2010

I think it’s about time to get a real blog underway. What say you? The two of us, Ryan and I, have wanted to make a blog for a while. We were gonna do this months ago but we got sidetracked by life, cause life does that sometimes. Now things are different, kind of. Actually, they’re not really different I was just feeling particularly motivated yesterday, so why not create a blog, right?

On a different note – we two dudes have a few ideas for features for this stuff that should keep you peoples coming back to check up on us! This is gonna be some deep shit. This shit’ll make go, “Shit man, these guys are serious.” And we are serious. Deadly serious.

In another post I’ll kick things off with said features before filling up the internet with multitudes of useless posts, but for now enjoy this post. It features Gible which is basically just a mouth with limbs, the most adorable mouth with limbs that you’ll ever hope to see.

– Wayne!